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When it comes to real estate investment trustworthiness is an important criterion, when you can find a Real Estate Broker you can trust and rely on it is just as good as hitting a gold mine.

Over the past couple of decades, general awareness and interest in real estate investment have continued to increase. People are more aware of the merits of investing in real estate. However, the massive influx of potential investors has also been a harbinger of the oversaturated state of the Real Estate Investment industry. What this means in simple terms is that the more potential investors come in, the more unqualified brokers, developers, and investment agencies we would see.
Due to this continuous disintegration of trust, truth, and reliability in the industry, we chose to rise to the occasion and create an agency whose sole purpose is to enrich Nigerians with unlimited avail of solid real estate investments, inform of lands, properties, rentals, and the likes.
The birth of Garnet Property Brokerage comes on the back of a global pandemic that seems to have shifted the core of how we view investments. The global economy is slowly recovering from a delicate wound, so it would make sense that now more than ever, people need a brokerage firm they can fully trust. At Garnet, we don’t just provide properties to invest in, but we also offer you investment advisory and provide you with every information you need to make the best decision. We create customized deals for you to ensure that your investment suits your needs, both long-term and short-term.

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